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Tomic could fall at first hurdle

What’s going on with Bernard Tomic? There are two schools of thought on this one. First, the popular one. He tanked. John McEnroe said it, and nearly everyone else believed it. Tomic lost to Andy Roddick in straight sets at the US Open in the kind of disinterested capitulation that’s just hard to watch. Even … Continue reading

Media’s silver medal coverage of Olympics

It hasn’t been Australia’s greatest Olympics. That much is obvious. What is less obvious is who is to blame. Cause if we’re not winning gold someone is at fault. The result of this apparent lack of success has been a witch-hunt. First it was the government for not giving enough money for our elite athletes. … Continue reading

Waratahs are always the bridesmaid and never the bride

In the movie Bridesmaid there’s one great scene (aside from the infamous food poisoning scene) that I love.  It’s where the main character goes back to her mum’s house after trashing her best friend’s bridal shower and announces she’s hit rock bottom. After yesterday’s announcement by Michael Foley that he was leaving Sydney to take … Continue reading

Swans flying high in year of the bird

As an AFL fan you would be forgiven for thinking that this year is the year of the bird. With the Magpies, Eagles, Hawks and Crows all perched inside the top 8, the AFLs avian teams are all in full flight. But it’s another bird team that has recently peaked my interest and one that, … Continue reading

Faster, Higher, Stronger, More Unwatchable

London 2012 is almost upon us. And, while most people are gearing up to catch marquee events like the swimming relays, 100m sprints and women’s beach volleyball, it’s the smaller, lesser-known sports that you should be most excited about. Well, not really. We take a look at some of the most unwatchable. Modern Pentathlon The … Continue reading

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