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June Internationals are Trials not Tests

The James Bevan Trophy and Hopetoun Cup.

If you don’t know what they are, or who they are played between, you’re not alone.

For the record, The Wallabies will face Scotland on June 5 – the Hopetoun Cup their reward for a win, and then – just 4 days later – take on the Welsh in the first of three tests to decide who leaves with the James Bevan Trophy.

It’s the June test schedule, and to a lot of people, it doesn’t mean much. Compare it to the Rugby Championship, or the Bledisloe, and it doesn’t rate. Why? Because the home nations, England aside, don’t carry the rivalry that Aussie fans love. That, and we expect to win.

In light of these tests there has been a lot of discussion about team selection, in particular who will play fly-half.  Beale, Barnes, Cooper and maybe even young Zack Holmes, after his performance on the weekend, are all vying for this spot. In several other positions there are also debates about who should be in the team.

The squad for these matches – while singularly important – should be selected with a view to the future of the side.

Scotland and Wales are tough competitors and deserve the Wallabies respect. Wales are 6 Nations champions and pushed the Wallabies all the way in the playoff match last year. To underestimate either team would be to do so at your peril (remember Samoa last year) but these games are ideal to blood new talent and create depth, something that Australia has been criticised for lacking.

If supporters, the players and the ARU were all to choose what they would prefer to win between these trophies and the Bledisloe and Rugby Championship title, all would choose the latter two. To become competitive in these key competitions, and the World cup in 2015, Australia needs to develop depth in their squad. This will only come through experience. These games against Wales and Scotland are perfect to give fringe players a chance to push for a test spot. There’s no secret that Will Genia is our premier scrum-half but Robbie Deans needs to find out who his understudy will be. This is the same scenario for openside: Pocock is a world-beater but it is unclear whom between Gill and Hooper should be his protégée.

The Wallabies should look to win every test but in reality some games are more important than others. Although a one-off test against Scotland might not be as important as a World Cup Final, it is vital because it provides an opportunity to build a world cup winning squad. After all, the road to the 2015 World Cup is long and Australia needs all the talent it can muster. This task starts in Newcastle on June 5 when they can regain the Hopetoun Cup and hopefully some fresh faces will be there in the green and gold.

::Ewen Hollingsworth


6 thoughts on “June Internationals are Trials not Tests

  1. Simply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great layout.

    Posted by Sharyn Boze | June 23, 2012, 3:04 AM
    • Hello friend, wlemoce back!!Its true, this place always has a long Q! Last time, we have to go back twice in order to get a seat (we picked the off peak hour). hmm..what a disappointment you can only have the take away after your 3rd attempt? Did you buy the Hibiscus in syrup at last? I am looking fwd to see more of your travelling post soon.

      Posted by Ege | January 29, 2014, 3:47 PM
  2. LOL funny how the wallabies were conimg ova 2 this & that 2 us then get a absolute schooling from the abz, kefu said the abz are a dying breed well shit dosent he have egg on his face, its a fuken joke how the wallabies think they shit hot now they have a kiwi coach & kiwis in there squad especially the fly half, cant expect 2 have 1 big win & think they can steam roll the abz, obviously they need kiwis in there team coz they’ve been a shit team for 9 yrs straight, whats up with that wally’s.

    Posted by Mtukanika | June 22, 2012, 9:01 AM
  3. This story is absolutely riuouclids. Who is Mark Cameron, and what social credentials does he have to comment on social strategy? Last time I checked agencies had no idea about social strategy, and I haven’t even heard of his. To imply that this situation is a reflection of Qantas’ social strategy is a complete injustice if you have any clue about how social media works it is exactly that every tweet and post ISN’T approved by senior PR’ because it isn’t meant to be corporate. It’s meant to be human and personal and instant. The Radike issue has clearly offended less than 10% of the Australian public most people see it for what it was meant to be, a tribute to one of the Wallabies’ best players. The person or people who tweeted it were obviously part of the 90+% who didn’t think race came into the equation. If a committee of PR people were meant to approve everything that was sent from the Qantas account they wouldn’t be doing a good job would they? It would be impersonal and boring and nobody would follow them or be a fan on Facebook. Don’t forget that a real well-developed engagement strategy involves tweeting on the fly, when opportunities present themselves, interesting content that is not corporate’ and also responding to people instantly. Perhaps the tweet should not have been sent, but regardless to indicate it is a result of a flawed or ad hoc’ social media effort is utterly unfair. How about Marketing Mag do a case study of the brilliant job they did during the ash cloud? That would have been a better case study than this drivel.Please source your comments from reputable sources in the future.

    Posted by Tole | June 22, 2012, 2:43 AM


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